Five Cities Christian Women Food Pantry

Striving to make a difference since 1973

In 1973 four women fed seven families a month. From those early beginnings we now provide food to 40-50 families a day.  

Food donations come from the Food Bank, local groceries stores and individuals.  We're grateful for financial donations from churches, individuals and other groups. Financial donations allow us to purchase food from the Food Coalition at a reduced price.  We also accepted sturdy paper bags.  

Mailing address for donations:  PO Box 756, Grover Beach, CA  93483

Food distribution: 192 S. 9th Street, Grover Beach  93433 



We're open and serving our neighbors Monday through Friday 2 pm to 3:30 pm. Our volunteers deliver grocery bags directly to our visitors' cars, bicycles or directly to individuals who walk to our Pantry.  

During COVID our weekday food program grown.  In March 2020 we provided three bags of groceries to 27 families a day.  In January 2021 that number has doubled to 54 families a day!

Your financial support enables us to purchase food. Please see our "Donate" page for our mailing address.



Food and financial donation information can be found on our "Donations" tab